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931SMD 教育團隊在今年暑假舉辦多項暑期導賞遊 STEAM 教學活動,包括香港科學園創知導賞團及火龍館繽紛遊學團等等。讓小朋友在瀏覽景點增廣見聞之餘,更可以透過我們的工作坊把學到的知識運用在不同的學科和課外活動上,例如科學、編程、歷史文化和創作方面等等。

The 931SMD education team organized several STEAM tours and activities this summer, including the Hong Kong Science Park Creativity Guided Tour and the Fire Dragon Heritage Centre Guided Tour. In addition to visiting attractions to broaden their knowledge of local facilities, children can also learn to apply these knowledge through our workshops to different subjects and extracurricular activities, such as science, programming, history, culture, and creativity.

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