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About Us

931SMD 致力為香港推動創意及科技教學,目標為各中小學、教育機構、慈善機構、社會企業及香港市民提供最優質的教學服務。教學範疇包括大部分圍繞 S.T.E.A.M.,這就是科學、技術、工程、藝術及數學五大範疇,更利用現時最有前瞻性的創意科技和編程技術進行教學,以及舉行各式各樣的老中青活動。

931SMD is committed to promoting creativity and technology teaching in Hong Kong, and aims to provide the highest quality educational services for primary and secondary schools, institutions, charitable organizations, social enterprises and eventually to all Hong Kong citizens. Our teaching areas include mostly S.T.E.A.M. related, which are the five major areas of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. It also uses the most innovative technologies and programming skills to teach our audiences, and holds various activities for old, middle-aged and young people.

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For Parents

We offer innovative STEAM classes and Parent-Child workshops for students and families to enjoy the moment of learning.

我們為學生和家庭提供創新的 STEAM 課程和親子工作坊,讓他們享受學習的時刻。

Our STEM Service Partner
我們的 STEM 服務合作夥伴

CodesMine Academy, one of the famous STEM education service providers in Hong Kong, is the excellent service partner of 931SMD.

CodesMine Academy 是香港著名的STEM教育服務商之一,是 931SMD 優秀的服務合作夥伴。

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