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K2-K3 Students Certificate Course (證書課程)

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為小一入學面試做準備 Profile Readiness for Primary Interview 適合年齡 4-5 Age 4-5 每堂1小時共4堂 @1hr / Total 4 classes 每班3-4人 3-4 person@class Scratch Junior 邏輯思維訓練 - 故事編碼課 Story Coding for Logical Thinking UARO 批判性思維訓練 - 機器人工程課程 Robotic Engineering for Critical Thinking 數碼繪畫+像素藝術 Creation by Pixel Art 互動交流訓練 - [Presentation] 演示文稿製作班 Communication Training LEGO樂高積木 Lego Architecture Building 合作性訓練 - 建築組項合作培訓班 Group Project Collaboration Training ***請自攜 Apple iPad 上課 ***Please bring your own Apple iPad to the class


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