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Minecraft Education

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Minecraft is a famous global 3D game. Students love this game because of the free innovative gaming space, allowing students to create and program anything they want. This course uses the built-in topic-oriented learning in the game, combined with the application of Minecraft classroom mode to guide students to carry out projects, and uses Minecraft's Code Editor to cultivate students' computational thinking and creative programming. Minecraft 是令人身歷其境的遊戲世界遊戲,學生之所以熱愛 這款遊戲是因為非常自由的遊戲空間,讓學生能 隨心所欲地創造與想像任何事。 本課程透過遊戲中內建專題導向學習,搭配應用 Minecraft 教室模式引導學生進行專案,運用 Minecraft 的 Code Editor培養學生運算思維以及創意的程式編寫。


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