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micro:bit Coding Class 編程課程

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The micro:bit is an open-source single-chip microcontroller built on a simple I/O interface panel. This tiny device has many features, such as 25 red LED lights that can transmit messages. There are also two buttons on the device that can be programmed to operate the game, pause or skip songs on the playlist. The BBC micro:bit can detect movement and tell you which direction you are heading. Moreover, it has built-in low energy Bluetooth, which can connect with other devices such as mobile phones or tablets and the Internet. micro:bit 是一個開放原始碼的單晶片微控制器,建構於簡易輸出/輸入(simple I/O)介面板。這個細小的裝置有着極多的特點,例 如有 25 顆能夠傳遞訊息的紅色 LED 燈。裝置上還有兩個能夠編寫程式的按 鈕,可用來操作遊戲、暫停或略過播放列表上的歌曲。BBC micro:bit 可以 偵測動作,從而告訴正 朝着哪個方 向走。 而且,它內置了低耗能藍牙,能 與其他設備如流動電話或平板電腦以及互聯網連結。


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