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Courses & Activities

We offer various of courses for kids and parents


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2022 Summer Coding Camp

As development of innovation and technology in the future is the general trend! Make use of this summer vacation, let your children learn coding in advanced!

Let children create their own video game in Minecraft Education and Roblox Studio.
931SMD guides and supports children to develop infinite possibilities through any technology!


編程教學,讓小朋友在遊戲  Minecraft Education 及 Roblox Studio製作屬於自己的視頻遊戲內容。
931SMD 讓小朋友透過科技發展無限可能!

Summer Tours

The 931SMD education team organized several STEAM tours and activities this summer, including the Hong Kong Science Park Creativity Guided Tour and the Fire Dragon Heritage Centre Guided Tour. In addition to visiting attractions to broaden their knowledge of local facilities, children can also learn to apply these knowledge through our workshops to different subjects and extracurricular activities, such as science, programming, history, culture, and creativity.

931SMD 教育團隊在今年暑假舉辦多項暑期導賞遊 STEAM 教學活動,包括香港科學園創知導賞團及火龍館繽紛遊學團等等。讓小朋友在瀏覽景點增廣見聞之餘,更可以透過我們的工作坊把學到的知識運用在不同的學科和課外活動上,例如科學、編程、歷史文化和創作方面等等。

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STEAM Course

931SMD is now cooperating with a STEM course partner, CodesMine Academy, which is one of the famous STEM service provider in Hong Kong.

931SMD現與STEM課程合作夥伴CodesMine Academy合作,CodesMine Academy是香港著名的STEM服務提供者之一。

STEAM 網上課程及工作坊
Online Courses & Workshops

Under the pandemic, 931SMD provide "Learn From Home" workshops, STEM courses and kinds of ECA for our studetns.

疫情之下,931SMD團隊為學生提供 “在家學習” 工作坊、STEM課程和各類的課外活動

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Online Class

Online Extra-curriculum Activity Co-organizing

Under the pandemic, all schoolchildren can only carry out activities at home. 931SMD is pleased to provide and co-organize different online activities for schools, institutions and NGOs.


Parent-Child Workshop & Activity

We organize parent-child workshops and events for families and corporates.



(Digital) Art / Drawing / Painting
(數碼) 藝術/繪畫/繪畫

Art, drawings and paintings become more and more important in both real and digital world. This will be reflected in future Metaverse and NFT technologies.

藝術、素描和繪畫在現實和數字世界中變得越來越重要。 這將反映在未來的元界和 NFT 技術中。

Homework Assisting Class

We recruit excellent senior students and tutors to conduct our homework assisting classes.