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Magic Cube Algorithm Class 扭計骰算法班

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From learning the Magic Cube algorithm to STEM and then to advanced programming and also artificial intelligence robots. Restoring the Magic Cube can improve kids’ logical thinking, problem-solving ability, sense of space, and sense of direction. 從扭計骰算法去學習STEM繼而進階做編程及人工智能機械人等。 學懂還原扭計骰,可以增強邏輯思維、解難能力、空間感、方向感,令您更全面提升空間感官,培訓大腦能力、手眼協調能力,減低腦退化危機。 (6-12 years old 適合6至12歲小朋友)


2 Plans Available, From HK$1,780.00

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