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Scratch Desgin & Coding Course 編碼設計課程

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Scratch is a coding course which is suitable from beginners to advanced level learners. Students can learn programming and application design through Scratch 3.0 (or ScratchJR), which allows children to create animations, games, interactive stories and apps. 小朋友的想像力隨時比成年人更豐富!想激發您孩子無窮無盡的創意,運用源源不絕的想像力,Scratch 動畫 製作及遊戲設計營會絕對是為您「兒」設。由簡單動畫製作到進階編程知識,小朋友將會建構獨一無二的動畫及遊戲,向至親的您分享學習的成果與樂趣。學生利用 Scratch 編程軟件學習程式編寫的概念,發展計算思維。


2 Plans Available, From HK$1,780.00

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